Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Musings: Queen Lucia

Queen Lucia
Queen Lucia is E.F. Benson's first book in the Lucia and Mapp series that chronicles the lives of the upper crust in rural England.  I really loved Benson's Mrs. Ames, so I was excited to start his most famous series.  I listened to this on audiobook from the library, but it's also available for free download in the public domain from Librivox, so I'm reviewing this over at the Project Gutenberg blog.  I hope you jump over and visit as this was a great satire that really poked fun at the trials and tribulations of the rich in England.

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  1. Oh how cool! I got all of the books in the Lucia series when the bookstore in my old neighborhood closed. I just grabbed them all when things were being marked down. Off to check out your review now!


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