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For a long time, my review policy stated, "I am not currently accepting books for review through this blog."  Even with that message up in big, bold, italicized letters, the requests kept coming.  And I accepted some of them while rejecting most.  I don't think this was fair.  It took me a long time to come up with the below review policy because I generally ask for the books I want to review rather than accepting requests.  My reading veers quite often towards backlists, books that have sat on my shelf for ages or that I buy on friends' recommendations or check out from the library based on interest.  I don't read many books for review, though if it's an author or a subject or a theme that I find really interesting, I am happy to read it and review it and if I love the book, I will advocate for it.

So here is a revised review policy:
  •  If you would like me to review a book, please email me at the email address listed on my blogger profile (link removed here due to receipt of far too many spam emails) with the book's title and description.  Please also tell me when the book would arrive if I accepted it for review, and the time frame in which you expect the review to be posted.
    • Books that I will not accept:
      • Urban or paranormal fantasy
      • Thrillers
      • Contemporary romance
    • Books that I am more likely to accept:
      • History Non-Fiction, especially those focused on social history, women, civil rights, or people of color.  I also have a fierce love for the long 18th century in British history.
      • Science Fiction/Fantasy:  I do not read paranormal or urban romance.  I am veering away from traditional epic fantasy.  I really enjoy alternate history, fairy tale retellings from a feminist point of view and many other stories.
      • Historical Fiction:  I read less historical fiction these days, but still really enjoy it in almost any setting.
  • If I accept the book to review, I will send you an email confirming this with my address for either a physical or electronic copy of the book.
  • If you are a self-published author, I will consider your book for review but require a sample chapter to read first.
  • My review will most likely post during the time period agreed upon.  Sometimes, though, it will not.  I have a full-time job, an active social life, and hobbies other than reading.  I am also a very moody reader and would prefer to read a book that grabs my attention than force myself to read something for review.  If this scenario bothers you, then please do not contact me to review your book.
I am only able to review books by their deadlines consistently because I so rarely accept books to review.  Please respect that, and do not take it personally if I decline your offer.

Thank you!


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