Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stardust Special Edition

Stardust special edition
I read and loved Neil Gaiman's Stardust almost four years ago.  It is such a lovely story about fairyland and stardust and love and friendship and so many other good things.

I received my original copy of Stardust from Lesley who blogs at A Life in Books.  We were chatting in a LibraryThing forum and I mentioned I wanted the book, she mentioned she had a copy, and she mailed it to me.  In 2006.

There it sat on my shelf until 2009, when I picked it up and read and enjoyed it.  And then, just to pass along the book karma, I left the book in a coffee shop for someone else to find and cherish.

And now that book karma has come back full circle because William Morrow contacted me with an offer for a free copy of their lovely 15th anniversary special edition version.

My version looks much like the picture above, though I do not have the pretty book case.  But the book case isn't nearly as important as the book itself, and that I do have, and that makes me happy.

There was a lot of care put into this edition of Stardust, which also makes me happy.  There's a forward by Neil Gaiman.  There are illustrations by Charles Vess, who was the original illustrator of the graphic novel.  (Granted, there are not many illustrations by Vess - there is a print on the cover, another on one of the first pages, and then a pretty chapter heading - but they are all nice.)  Also, Gaiman said that he imagined the book taking place in the 1920s, so this edition of the book was designed to look like one that was written in the 1920s.  Which, I think, was probably a great time period to be a book.

I'm so glad to have this book back on my shelf and in my permanent collection!  And in a beautiful blue edition, too.  If you have a Neil Gaiman fan on your Christmas shopping list, I think this would be a really great gift!


  1. The 1920's, huh? Interesting. I'm not that into nice editions, being all about the text, but that is a very good-looking book.

  2. I haven't ever read this book, but boy, this is such a beautiful edition, and I love that it found it's way to your shelf once again! I feel like this is a book that is meant to stay with you, since it seemed to come into and go out of your life with frequency. I am going to see if I can get it on audio, because your tastes are often so close to mine.

  3. That is a very nice looking book!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm still only on the film, which I love, but haven't read the book yet.

  5. I love Stardust and I've been lusting after this edition since I first saw Gaiman post about it. Can't wait to get a copy!

  6. What a lovely full circle book moment! Enjoy this special edition of one of your favorites!

  7. How lucky and cool! Charles Vess is an absolutely fantastic artist.

  8. We went to a lecture by Gaiman last week and part of the time he talked about the new edition and read some from it. I would have loved a signed copy, but the line was like a mile long.

  9. It is a really gorgeous edition. I went ahead and bought the special edition as I love this book so much. Just fyi, I am hosting a group read of it in April for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.


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