Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Day to #Diversiverse!

Just wanted to remind anyone who hasn't signed up yet that today is the LAST DAY to sign up for the More Diverse Universe blog tour!  We only need two more people to sign up and get us to 100 participants!  So if you have been vacillating... please sign up now!

Sign up here.

For those who have signed up and want to chat about their reads or the event on Twitter, our chosen hashtag is #Diversiverse :)


  1. Yay! I can't wait to go get my book later this afternoon. I am going with the one that you chose for me, but I'm not telling you which one it is!! I hope that a lot of bloggers sign on for this event.

  2. 100 - that is awesome! but I have to tell you the dude in this picture is seriously creeping me out.

  3. Darn -
    Missed this one! Would have loved to participate, that's what I get for not reading my feed reader often enough.

    I will be lurking.

  4. And, did you hit 100? :) :)

  5. That's great 100 participants. This is going to be great.

    I forgot the date I signed up for. Could you tell me?

  6. Can't wait!!! Love the Twitter tag, too. :D


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