Friday, June 22, 2012

The Book That Can't Wait

I read about this in Shelf Awareness and then clicked through to the link, which I embedded below.  What do you think about a book written with disappearing ink?  I am not sure how well the disappearing actually works, but it's an intriguing premise, nonetheless, and a very inventive way of getting people to read new authors!

My feeling is that it is cool as a PR ploy, but that the disappearing ink was more a novelty that made people want to read the book quickly rather than the fear that the ink would disappear.  After all, if a book sits on your shelf unopened, it isn't exposed to sunlight, and the letters wouldn't disappear, right?

But I love that the publishing house is using this as a way to launch their new authors.  Good on them!

 And another fun video, about how books can make you feel:



  1. Anonymous6/23/2012

    I guess that book with the disappearing ink won't be in libraries any time soon, eh?

  2. I do not know...I mean sometimes it takes ages for me to red a book and then it would be gone

  3. Interesting idea, both purely as a ploy but also for what you say, to read it quickly. My only thought is, what would happen in the bookstore - people open books to browse before putting them back on the shelves, I suppose those bags would have to stay in use, so they'd surely have to compensate for readers not being able to browse, sample chapters etc, which sort of ruins the whole idea.

  4. Oh wow. I already have trouble with ebooks that expire after a certain amount of time but I don't think I could handle a book in which the text disappears. I couldn't handle the pressure. And what if you wanted to reread the book? No, I don't like this at all.

  5. That disappearing book may help me get to my ARC or purchased books sooner, lol! But I would live an anxious life if all books were like that! That second video is so cool!!


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