Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Announcing the Project Gutenberg Project!

I am so excited to tell you all about this amazing project that the amazing Tasha (you may know her as Heidenkind) put together and that I am very excited to be involved in.  It's the Project Gutenberg Project!

Are you aware of the thousands of books available on the Project Gutenberg website?  A huge group of truly dedicated volunteers takes books that are in the public domain, types them up, and then puts them online for the glory of everyone having access to quality literature.  As someone who received a Kindle for her birthday last year, I've made full use of Gutenberg over the past several months and look forward to many more excellent reads provided by the website.

However, Gutenberg does not have the greatest search capabilities.  You are pretty much stuck searching by title or author, and when you have so much selection and want to find a true hidden gem, this can make the site hard to navigate and difficult to use.

That's where the Project Gutenberg Project comes in!  As the homepage says, "At PGP, we want to help readers find public domain books they might be interested in, discuss what did and didn't work for us, discover (or rediscover) classics, and celebrate our favorite books in the process."

We're just getting started, but we're totally open to other people joining our party.  Why not stop by, see what we are trying to do, and see if you can get inspired as well?

Hope to see you there!


  1. I've posted the first review today (Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell). I'm really excited about the PGP as well, I believe it'll fill a need.

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews, Aarti!

  2. Very cool project Aarti! I am going to have to pop by and take a look!

  3. how fun! what a great idea. i hope you have fun with it!

  4. I love this idea! I read a ton of Project Gutenberg books on my kindle, so this will be so helpful.


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