Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Spotlight Series is Here!!

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Some time ago, Amy, Chris and I began chatting about how we can use our blogs to do good in the world of books (we're idealistic, I know).  We came up with the idea to start a Spotlight Series,.

On a rotating schedule, we will put the spotlight on a small press publisher that we feel sets a standard. We'll let you know the publisher several weeks (that's what I'm doing right now!) before the spotlight goes on so that you can browse the catalog and choose a book to read and review on your blog.

Then, over a two-week period, all participating bloggers will post their reviews of books by that publisher and word will spread from there!  Note that you do not have to be a blogger to participate in the Spotlight Series.  Anyone who wants to take part can, and if you want to write up a review of a bok and don't have a blog to post it on, we can put it on the Spotlight Series blog for you.

The Spotlight Series blog will serve as the HQ- it will have links to your reviews, information on the publisher, author and publisher interviews, contests, prizes and conversation.

Our first spotlight publisher is (drum roll, please)

Many bloggers are familiar with this publisher as it has lovely cover art on all its titles and publishes very popular books such as Cranioklepty, Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, and 31 Hours.  Last year was fantastic for Unbridled as so many of its books won recognition in print media and on blogosphere.

Last Prince of the Mexican Empire
We are very excited to bring the spotlight to Unbridled Books and we hope that you will participate, too!  As this is a voluntary series, not done for profit, neither Unbridled nor the Spotlight Series will be able to provide you with copies of books to read.  Please look into libraries, bookstores, online outlets and friends to participate in the Spotlight Series!  We strongly believe that Unbridled Books publishes excellent works, and they are well worth the hunt to find.

31 HoursThe Spotlight on Unbridled Books will take place between March 14th and March 27th.  If you would like to participate and help bring attention to a fantastic publisher (and possibly discover one of your top reads of the year!), please sign up here.  Choose your book and we'll let you know in a few weeks when to post your review.  This is a great way to meet a lot of other bloggers and open up a relationship with an excellent publisher.  We hope to see you there!

You can also follow Spotlight Series on Twitter @spotlightsp.

And if you've already reviewed a book published by Unbridled, just link to it in the comments and we'll tweet about it :-)

Thanks again, everyone!


  1. This is a great idea! How soon do we have to sign up if we're planning on reviewing an Unbridled book? And can we suggest independent publishers to you? (I'm thinking specifically of a Canadian independent publisher; would that work?)

  2. Thanks for asking about sign-ups. I blush to admit we hadn't thought about a deadline! But we should have one, you're right. I would say in the next two weeks for now, but will check with my cohosts.

    And yes, feel free to suggest publishers to us! I think if you go to the Spotlight blog, there is a way to contact us with that sort of thing, too. That would be excellent. It doesn't matter what country the publisher is in, so long as the books aren't prohibitively difficult to get.

  3. I can't wait to hear about all these new books that I have never seen before.

  4. I really like this idea. I just posted a review link on the sign-up page (I hope that's where you meant it to go.)

    I have a PDF of Captivity from NetGalley but the release date isn't until June. Usually I don't review until near the date so that it's fresh in reader's minds but I will see if I can schedule it a bit earlier and maybe just post my review twice.

  5. I love Unbridled! I recently reviewed a book from them called Last Night in Montreal and will provide my link to the end of this post. I also have a copy of 31 Hours and will try to get a review up in time for you to add it to your collection. Great post and wonderful idea, I hope that you are able to get many readers interested in this wonderful publisher's offerings!

  6. This is genius and I'll for sure be looking in to Unbridled's catalog.
    Warm regards,

  7. I have already reviewed Sometimes we're always really same same by Mattox Roesch, published by Unbridled Books. They are a fantastic publishing house and I hope to review several more of their titles with the next few months.

    Link is here.

  8. Fantastic idea!!! I read 31 Hours and it was a good book! Way to spotlight!

  9. I lovew Unbridled books! I have reviewd 3 books from them so far, with another on it's way. If I get it soon, I will sign up with it. In the mean time, here are links to my reviews:

    The Islands of Divine Music by John Addiego:

    The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo:

    Sometimes we're always real same-same by Mattox Roesch:


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