Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: Wish

Title:  Wish

Author:  Alexandra Bullen

Publisher:  Scholastic Point, January 2010

This review is based on an Advanced Reader's Copy.  I received this book for free to review.

Plot Summary:
Olivia has just moved to San Francisco with her parents, several months after the accidental death of her twin sister, Violet. She feels uncomfortable at school and doesn't think she'll make friends easily, since Violet was always the social and fun one. But she soon catches the eye of the most popular guy in school and makes friends with the most beautiful girl. And she is gifted three beautiful gowns by a seamstress, Posey, who says that each gown comes with a wish. Olivia immediately wishes for her twin sister's return, and soon she and her ghost-sister are chatting all the time, and Violet is helping Olivia to live her own life and go after what she wants.

I thought Envious Casca would be my last book of the year, but this one managed to slip through, since I needed a little break from the massive Team of Rivals.  I had this one waiting to review, and it was a pretty quick read, so it was the perfect break book.

While reading this, I thought it was the perfect story for a Disney movie. The characters have names like Calla and Soren and Bowie, drive Mini Coopers and Priuses, and chat about the cool new indie bands. It was hard for me to get past those slightly overdone aspects of the story and focus on the plot. While it was an engaging read, this book fell flat for me. Olivia was a nice girl, but I found her to be blah.  She is one of those beautiful girls that is (supposedly) in an awkward stage.  When a boy shows interest in her, she comes into her own (with a little pushing and shoving from her ghost sister).  I understand that that is the way of high school, and it's probably a fairly accurate portrayal, but girls like that just make me sad.  Also, Olivia is in AP English and can use four-syllable words to describe Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse, but she apparently doesn't know that the world "molding" has multiple meanings.  I found that a bit hard to believe.

To me, it seemed like things just cleaned up way too quickly, all at the end. I guess that comes with the fairy tale territory, but it seemed a little trite to me, especially considering how much emotional impact the death of a twin sister could have on someone.  Or how the death of a girl could affect parents.  I didn't think things would end quite as sunnily as they did.

The book was entertaining. Also, I greatly appreciated that all the high school characters I came across in it were nice people.  They weren't horrible, they weren't catty or cruel.  They were awkward at times, yes, but that's normal.  Cruelty isn't completely normal in high school, and I found it quite refreshing that the "popular" kids in this book were nice and smart and had real goals.  I think girls in middle school would enjoy Wish, but I would recommend borrowing it from the library, not purchasing it. Though it has a very pretty cover, and I bet the hardcover edition will have lots of glitter on it.


  1. Lots of glitter? lol.

  2. Glitter, you say? I have no choice now...

  3. Well, I can't PROMISE glitter, but I have a feeling it will be there :-)

  4. I want that dress on the cover! Or, more accurately, I want to look like the person on the cover looks in that dress! :--)

  5. I want a dress that fades into purple twilight and falling stars, too, Rhapsody! And to look gorgeous in it as well :-)

  6. I think I would read it for the cover! Sounds like a pleasant read-like an antidote to Twilight

  7. It does sound very Disney.
    No mean people at all, find that unbelievable

  8. Doesn't sound like something for me, but hooray for the characters being nice :P

  9. Books of this type don't really appeal to me all that much. I think it's because they are fairly cliche and not very deep. I am not sure if my daughter would like this book, but I am going to point her towards your review and have her make her own decision on it.

    P.S.- I will be sending you an e-mail very soon. Correspondence has gotten a little delayed due to all the holidays!

  10. Having twins, I think I would probably not enjoy this one, but I do love the cover.

  11. Sounds interesting!

  12. Anonymous12/30/2009

    Sounds like one I'll pass on, but I do like the idea that the teenagers were actually nice, decent kids.

  13. With the release date of this one upon us, I've seen several reviews circulating in relation to this title. I must say, I am intrigued! The cover is eye-catching of course, but the character development (or lack thereof) is what caught my attention. I do believe I will be adding this to my "seek-out list" for a future read. Thanks for sharing....and happy reading!


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