Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm cheerleading for the read-a-thon today and trying to get some reading in, too! First up is I, Coriander by Sally Gardner. Maybe I'll get that done by the time I make the next rounds for cheerleading :-) I'm quite happy the weather is so miserable today as now I have a ready-made excuse not to go out! Good luck to all the readers out there!


  1. Anonymous10/24/2009

    Thanks for the cheering! I really like your header picture!

  2. Anonymous10/24/2009

    Good luck to you too..Hope u get lots of reading done..

  3. Happy reading and cheerleading!

  4. thanks for stopping by with your bit of cheer ;-D

    neil's sandman series is excellent. i've read the first volume. loved how the characters come to life in the graphic novel format.

  5. Anonymous10/24/2009

    Thanks for the cheering! Best of luck for your reading for the rest of the day!

  6. Happy reading and cheering! Thanks for the words of encouragement. They really do help!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you've had fun juggling double duties!

  8. Thank you for your comment, I decided to answer to them now when the challenge is over.
    I've been so suprised about all the support I've got from the cheerleaders, it has been a great experience.
    I like your blog btw! :)

  9. Anonymous10/25/2009

    Thank you so much for cheering -- couldn't have done without it!

    Hope you got some reading done as well :)


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