Monday, August 17, 2009

New Format!!

Well, after saying over and over to anyone that would listen that I wanted the 3-column format in Blogger, I finally went ahead and did it! There are still some things that I would like to tweak, but overall, I'm very happy with the new look. All links should be on the right-hand side, and all other information should be on the left. Hopefully that helps all of you in your browsing :-)

I used The Blogger Guide to switch up my template and had no issues with it at all. The tutorial works like a charm- so if you're considering a switch, I'd highly recommend that website.

I also tweaked my Labels section slightly, though I doubt anyone else will notice. I want to get rid of as many labels that are associated with just one entry as possible. That may take a while... but I hope to be a more careful labeler going forward.



  1. Anonymous8/17/2009

    hey ... looks good. 3 columns are definitely the way to go!!!

    jonas :)

  2. Looks very nice! I have 3 columns too (but on wordpress) - and it really is helpful to have 3!!!

  3. Yay! Welcome to the uber-exclusive 3 column club. =)

  4. Cool!
    3 columns is the best

  5. Congrats on the new format...looks good.

  6. I can't imagine going back to two columns! Looks great!

  7. I really like the new look! It makes the web page look fuller and more evenly populated. Good choice!

  8. It looks great, Aarti! Well done.


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