Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

So Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up soon- only about a month away! I signed up to participate this year, but I admit that I'm very vague on what participation actually entails. I'm hoping to figure it out as I go along. To help us newbies out, there is a meme that we get to fill out. So, here goes!

f you were a part of BBAW last year, please answer these simple questions on your blog and drop your link into Mister Linky so that others can learn all about BBAW! Feel free to tag other bloggers to play along!

1) What was the highlight (something that happened, a post, an activity, etc.) of BBAW for you last year?

2) What is one new blog you discovered during BBAW last year?

3) What tips would you share to help others get the most out of their BBAW experience?

But wait!! We don’t want those of you who didn’t participate to feel left out, so if you didn’t participate last year, how about these questions?


1) What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you?

Oh, wow. There are actually many more than I ever expected. The best, though, is the community that I now feel so honored to be a part of. I am really so grateful and honored when people come to visit my blog and leave such thoughtful comments, even though their days are so busy and their blogs so exciting. I really appreciate everyone who makes such an effort to visit me often, and I am really happy to have met so many wonderful people through blogging. And what a list of books I have read and have to read. It's amazing how word of mouth can really move mountains.

2) What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you, or inspiring you?

So many! Kelly and Marg, I've known since before I started blogging, I think, and got me really into it. I also think Zibilee, Carrie K and Blodeudd make a concerted effort to come and check out my blog often. And Nymeth, I just "met" recently, but deems me worthy of regular visits as well. Everyone who wanted so much to participate in Rosie's Riveters... everyone who visits and doesn't comment, but still wants to participate in Rosie's Riveters... Honestly, everyone reading this blog- you all help and inspire me. I hope I don't make anyone feel left out by not mentioning you by name here. You all rock my world.

And there was someone who once commented anonymously on my blog, saying he follows it often, and then even recommended a series of books to me (the fantasy series by Megan Whalen Turner) which I have recently purchased and plan to read soon, all for this one reader. I don't know why, but he (she?) really made me feel special. Hopefully that person is still reading, and hopefully s/he will see me review those books on here soon and know that it's all because of him/her!

3) What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer?

Um... after going through the nomination process, is there anything else I should be doing?


  1. You are definitely worthy of regular visits! Also, I'd love to participate in Rosie's Riveters sometime if you're still looking for contributors :)

  2. Thanks, Nymeth! I will add you to the line-up :-) I am ALWAYS looking for contributors- I hope it will be a long-continuing series!

  3. Anonymous8/11/2009

    The book blogging community is so good isn't it? I just discovered your blog and love it all the same.

  4. After nominations, you should be checking back for the activities that will go on all week. Particularly the current interview another blogger activity.

    If you are interested, please sign up here:

  5. Nice response. I love the book blogging community as well!

  6. Thanks, Serena! Much appreciated :-)

    And Violet- I love your blog, too. And your mom's name. Haha.

  7. You know it is no hardship to come and visit you here, and I for one definitely miss your voice when you are not blogging for whatever reason!

  8. Love the header on your blog!

  9. Not a concerted effort! LOL! Well, other than to get on the computer occasionally. ;) Your reviews are thoughtful and far from saccharine and I really appreciate that in these days of "say no bad".

  10. Looking forward to BBAW. Lots to do after the nominations including giveaways, writing prompts, meme's, interviews, etc. Make sure you are subscribed to the BBAW blog to keep up.


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