Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

At the end of the year, most book bloggers do a "Best of the Year" type list with the top ten reads of 2008. However- I have only read 16 books in 2008, so a top ten list would not be very exclusive. So instead, I will just say that my book resolution for 2009 is to get through at least 25 books, from which I can have a top 5 list, at least!

I am off on a 17-day trip to Thailand and Cambodia tomorrow morning, so I will not be posting until I return. So best wishes for everyone's holiday and here's hoping that 2009 will be wonderful!


  1. Happy Holidays to you too Aarti!

  2. Safe travels and call as soon as you get back. I want to hear all out your trip, see pictures and possibly eat food inspired by your trip.


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