Monday, June 28, 2010

CSN Review Coming Soon

You may have seen the links around blogosphere recently for CSN Stores product reviews.  Here is me, jumping on that bandwagon!

When I first saw the reviews for CSN products probably about a year ago on blogosphere, I fell in love with their bookshelves.  The shelves that so many people received last year and reviewed were all so pretty and seemed like such a great way to display books.  But... really, I don't have room for bookshelves.  And then I considered getting a new bed.  But...really, I don't need a new bed.  For a very short moment, I considered exercise equipment.  But...really, I don't want exercise equipment.

What I do have room, need and desire for is a new set of cookware for when I move to Ann Arbor, MI in a few months and start cooking meals on a small stove.  So... stay tuned in some weeks for my review of a very pretty blue cookware set.  As some of you may know, I do love a good time in the kitchen, and so I'm quite excited to have a very pretty set of pots to take with me to school!


  1. Anonymous6/28/2010

    I can't wait to see the cookware and read your thoughts about it. I just reviewed the bookshelf I received from CSN. I love it!

  2. Very cool! This is the first I have heard of product reviews, and I am eager to hear what you think of the pots! I hope you make lots of good stuff in the kitchen with them, and I will be back to see the full post!

  3. Are you going to grad school in Ann Arbor? Either way you are a lucky person, Ann Arbor is such a great town, so many good bookstores, shopping, etc. I grew up in Michigan and I moved back, that would be my first choice. Lucky!

  4. diaryofaneccentric- I saw that review! So glad you are getting a lot of use from it!

    Zibilee- I hope I make a lot of fun things, too. I chose a very pretty blue set, so at least they'll look good ;-)

    Karen- Yes, I am going to Ann Arbor for business school. I am really excited- it's such a lovely town!

  5. Yay cooking! Think you can try to review some cookbooks while you are at it? Might be awesome.

  6. I've been hearing a lot about CSN. I'm almost afraid to look at their site for fear I will find too many things I want. Glad you found some nice cookware.


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