Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge

It has been a very long time since I participated in a challenge, mostly because every time I try to, I fail miserably to meet the goal. For some reason, once I actually put a book on my challenge reading list, I lose all interest in reading it. I'm a reading rebel without a cause, I suppose. But this one seems pretty low-maintenance and I don't currently have too many review copies on my shelves to read, so hopefully I should be able to do well in it! The challenge is hosted by Swapna, and is just to read books that have been on your shelf for more than six months, and set a goal of what percentage of your reading over a two month period (10/1-11/30) they constitute. You don't even have to say which books you are going to read- just the percentage of your reading they will make up. So, for a commitment-phobic and a moody reader like myself, that is glorious.

Since I have so many books on my shelves that have been collecting dust for over six months, I'm going to make my criteria be over a year, as determined by when I added the book to My LibraryThing. My percentage goal will be 50%. Hopefully I read an even number of books over the two months :-) Here's hoping I finally meet one of my challenges!

If you would like to sign up for this challenge, here's the information post. Happy reading!


  1. ooooh 50% you're brave! i went for 30 b/c i honestly have no idea if i can even get that much read!

  2. Good luck! 50% is ambitious!! Thanks for joining.

  3. I have never entered a challenge before, but have been intrigued by a couple lately. This is one I might think of joining. I have tons on the TBR pile, and maybe this would help me clear some out.

  4. Good luck with this challenge. I need it!!!

  5. I have exactly the same reaction to challenges and I managed to flunk out of a similar one. But at least it seems easy/productive!


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