Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Belated Thank You

Way back in August, Marg from Reading Adventures gave me an award! I haven't had time to properly thank her for it until now. I received the BINGO award for being (N)eighborly, Thank you so much for the award, Marg! Neighborly is such a nice thing to be described as, and I'm glad you feel that way about me! I always feel strange passing these awards on because it feels like I'm picking people for a sports team and I feel bad for all the outstanding players that don't make the team. But I enjoy every blog I follow and every one on my blogroll.

This "B-I-N-G-O" BEAUTIFUL BLOG AWARD means that this blog is...

B - Beautiful: I'm passing this on to Jane Austen Today, which is a blog full of yummy Regency era pictures of people dressed in outstanding costumes.

I - Informative: I really love Lotus Reads because the blog always features such interesting and thoughtful reviews, interviews and other things.

N - Neighborly: To Heather at Raging Bibliomania, one of the most thoughtful reviewers I know, and someone who always makes an effort to make the blog rounds and comment.

G: - Gorgeous: Kelly's Tinkerbell-like background always calms me down after the excitement of reading her newest posts ;-) And somehow, even though there is so much information packed into her website, she manages to keep it so CLEAN-looking. I don't know how she manages...

O - Outstanding: To Ana at things mean a lot, which is a blog that often blows me away with the insightfulness of her reviews.


  1. Awww, thank you so much for the kind words! And congratulations on getting the award yourself :D

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I love my background, too! lol

  3. Thanks so much for passing this award on to me! I do agree with Marg's decision to give this particular award to you because I think you are one of the most friendly and thoughtful bloggers I have had the chance to meet and get to know. Congratulations on your award, and thanks for including me.


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