Monday, January 26, 2009

Silver Lining - A Book Giveaway!

I worked until about 9:30pm today. This is not fun. And if one more person gives me the whole, "At least the weather sucks and there's nothing else you'd be doing" spiel, I might choke. Honestly, there are a lot of things I could be doing. Reading, for one.

However, things brightened considerably when I came home and found BOTH of the book packages I had been waiting so anxiously for at my house. So- I came home to ten books today! Very exciting :-)

I seem to have ordered two copies of one, accidentally, though (luckily it's from Bookcloseouts, so it was not overly expensive). If there are any Jane Austen fans out there, I have a copy of the tongue-in-cheek, Austen-reference filled Jane Austen's Guide to Romance (called Jane Austen's Guide to Love in the US) that I can send out. Just leave a comment on the blog stating your favorite Austen novel (and why it is your favorite, if you feel like it), and I'll pick a name at random this Sunday (February 1st). I don't know when I'll actually send the book out, but I promise to send it to you! Since it's a light book, and I need positive karma, it's fine to apply from out of the US, too- I will ship international.

Please make your comment by Saturday, January 31st, 8pm (CST).

Good luck!


  1. Anonymous1/27/2009

    Pick me, pick me!!

    I am a devout Austen fan, so much so that I have trouble choosing a favorite among her works.

    I can only say I was mightily amused at Persuasion and adored the plot in Emma (I have of course read all Austen's works but these particular two always come to mind when I am thinking of her).

    So nice of you to hold a giveaway! We, your devout readers, thank you :)

  2. I wouldn't call myself a huge Austen fan, but that book does look interesting... I think it might even be on my wish list for curiousity sake! So, picking me would be good. lol Favourite Austen is I guess P&P, but I still have several more books by her to read.

    So, really, I am more curious about what the other 9 books were?

  3. Anonymous1/27/2009

    Don't pick me!

    I hate it when people say something about the weather being awful and it's better to work. I love awful weather! At home. Where I can read or knit or bake or do all those inside activities w/o being chivvied by anyone about how I should be out in the fresh air.

    9:30? I hope that's not normal!

    The Falco series looks intersting. I've just started to watch the cancelled Rome series.

  4. No need to enter me Aarti. I blogged about your giveaway here:

  5. What a lovely mailbox to come home too!

    Pride & Prejudice is excellent (who can say no to Mr. Darcy or Colin Firth?), but I quite enjoyed Emma's matchmaking schemes :)

    This sounds like a cute dating guide - please enter me!

  6. I love Emma, pick me pick me!

  7. Jane Austen, yay, would love to win this book :D ANd even greater that you will ship it internationally.

    I love Persuasion the most, I used to be a P&P kinda gal, but then when I grew older I fell more and more in love with Persuasion cos of the style of it

  8. Sounds fun, count me in! I love all of her books, but my most recent read of Jane's is Sense and Sensibility. I then had to watch all the movies on it to see which one closely resembled the book.


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