Friday, December 22, 2006

I Won!

Well, I checked at Twisted Kingdom a few hours ago and it turns out I am one of the winners of their holiday book giveaway! How exciting is that? Not only did I discover a really great fantasy book review blog, but I also receive a free book!

I requested Poison Study, by Maria Snyder. I have heard SO MUCH good stuff about this book that I'm really excited to be receiving it! No doubt it will cause me to want to check out its sequel, Magic Study. In Twisted Kingdom's review of Poison Study, Mailyn mentioned the book The Gilded Chain, by Dave Duncan. ALSO on my TBR pile. So really, I need to get cracking with all these books. Maybe 2007 will be another fantasy-full year for me. It seems like it might!

Thanks again to the reviewers over at Twisted Kingdom and happy holidays (or at least, happy long weekend to those of us who do not celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah) to all!

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