Who's Aarti?

Why, hello there!  Welcome to BookLust!  Thank you very much for visiting my blog.  I think that most of my personality comes through in my blog posts, but just in case you want some background on who I am, here we go:

I was born and raised in Chicago, and will love this city forever.  I have been an avid book reader my whole life, and I started blogging in 2005.  That makes me a grandma in blogger years.  While there have been lulls in the conversation here on BookLust, I've been going strong for over eight years now and don't see myself stopping any time soon.  Hopefully in that time frame, I've reviewed at least one book of interest to you!

I read and review many genres on this blog.  I have a true passion for history, either in non-fiction or fiction.  I also love fantasy (especially those rare novels written with a multicultural cast of characters and that veer away from the traditional epic quest).  I enjoy reading about women's history, and many of my reviews mention the role of women and how they are portrayed in the books.

If you are a publisher, publicist or author that would like me to review a book, please read my Review Policy.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at the email address listed on my blogger profile (direct link removed due to excessive spam).

Thank you for visiting BookLust!  Please settle in, leave a comment or two, and maybe find a book to read!


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